Joy To The World

Joy To The World was developed to be a musical sequence that would be the show-stopping end of a TV Christmas special. It ended with the main character, Timmy the angel, not having anything to give to the new born king. He only had an old blanket to give. As it turns out, the baby is cold, and the blanket is exactly what is needed. The animatic starts at the moment that Timmy gives his gift and then transitions to heaven where a  gospel celebration erupts into a Blues Brothers-style  revival to welcome the birth of Christ.

A Reef With A View

As with all of the animatics, Reef With a View was created to capture the imagination. This animatic is short and just gives a taste of what the possibilities could be. This concept utilizes the animal characters of Precious Moments and brings them to life with acting and great music.

Must Have Been O'l Santa Claus

Must Have Been Ol’ Santa brings together two classics: the Precious Moments character and the man in red. It starts with a kid and a Mr. Microphone and ends in a New Orleans style parade. The animatic is short on drawings, but I think it gives you the feel for possible further development.