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What you should know
                 Hal Betzold
                        Illustrator, Animator and Creative Director
                  Areas of expertise:
Illustration, Animation, Game Development, Story Telling, Product Development, and Creative Team Building

About Me

I remember loving to draw from an early age. As I got older I won some coloring contests; you gotta love the smell of a brand new, just-opened box of Crayolas!  My parents, upon my coloring successes, decided to enroll me in a local artist’s painting class. I remember turning out a number of oil paintings of the family dog and some horses. I entered one of the horse paintings, a head study, in a local art contest and won a first prize ribbon. After that I was hooked, and art has always been a big part of my life.

I do remember doing the work of an illustrator as far back as the first grade. My clients consisted of boys and girls from my class. The usual assignment from the boys - tanks, planes, cars, submarines, monster trucks, or monsters in general. From the girls - horses, fairies, princesses and the occasional rainbow. Art direction was held to a minimum, as most of the work was pro bono. Payment rendered was usually, “Wow! Thats cool!” and the joy of doing something you love.

However, I do remember the day I became a pro. A young entrepreneur  came my way with a proposal. For a drawing of Lon Chaney’s classic wolfman, he would render payment to me - one genuine chocolate milk. The coveted chocolate milk was served to us by  Mr. Fred just before nap time. Mr. Fred was the school’s janitor, but to us, Mr. Fred was a rock star. Mr. Fred had the answer to the age old question “Got milk?” Yeah, Mr. Fred got milk, not any old milk, he got chocolate milk! So, needless to say, I cranked out that drawing just in time for that glorious milk run and enjoyed the fruits of my labor. So goes the birth of a commercial artist. I would like to mention that I have since moved on and no longer work for chocolate milk, though I have been known to do a sketch or two for a very large chocolate malt.

Water Colors
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