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Sketch Books

The ability to draw has always been of the utmost importance to artists throughout the ages. For many artists the gold standard, or the acid test of one’s skill and craftsmanship is the ability to capture the human and animal form in an expressive and dynamic way. For the animator the ability to quickly capture dynamic and expressive poses is essential to the art of animation. The artist and illustrator have to rely on their knowledge of the subject to create authentic images that will communicate powerfully. This authenticity only comes from the study of life and the world around us. For me, the best way to bring this kind of authenticity to my work as an artist and creative director is the use of sketch books.

As a creative director a large part of my job is to be a visual problem solver. My ability to draw and the use of sketch books give me the tools I need to solve those problems in a timely and cost-effective way. I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the language of the big idea is the sketch. The sketch is where that creative idea starts to live and breath. The sketch, like a mirror, begins to reflect back to you the possibilities and potential of the idea.

Animal Sketch Book

Human Sketch Book

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