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Kidogo Safari


In Swahili, Kidogo Safari means little journey. Come on a magical safari and meet these whimsical and engaging characters created by artist and animator Hal Betzold. Hal has had a long and prestigious career developing art and animation for the advertising, entertainment, and giftware industries. Hal loves creating art and drawing animals from life. One of his favorite things to do is to grab his sketchbook and head out to a nearby zoo or natural museum and spend an afternoon filling the pages of a sketchbook. While on these sketching safaris Hal began to notice that children showed an intense interest in his drawings. Watching and waiting with wide eyed anticipation as the lines on the page started to come together to reveal the animal that he was sketching. He also noticed that the drawings the children were most drawn to were his animal caricatures or character development sketches. Based on this positive feedback, Hal began to develop a story and characters that would capture the hearts and imaginations of children of all ages, Kidogo Safari was born.

In this first collection of images, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, we are introduced to these wonderful animal characters and their adorable offspring. Tender moments are captured between parent and child as the moon rises over the Savannah and the animals begin to settle in for a good nights sleep. Bleary-eyed cubs, calves, and chicks snuggle with Mom and Dad and listen for their favorite story or lullaby.


HB Studios is continuing to develop the Kidogo Safari brand. Exploring story and character development opportunities for books, animation, and the web.

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